Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writer applications/raffle

Today I was reading some stardoll blogs as I usually do when my lectures finish up and I noticed this blog ended up on Memoires of a Medoll, to be completely honest I was absolutely thrilled!

This blog is officially launching and to make this work i'm going to need quite a few writers. There is a tab up now called "writer applications" and you can feel free to apply there. I need five or so writers that spend time on stardoll checking suites, paying attention to different members and just noticing things that I might miss because after all I am only one person. I do not want someone who is naturally a bit of a rude person to write for this blog, I am willing to give everyone a chance but this is a safe zone and absolutely nothing rude in manner will be tolerated by me so i'm making a three strikes you're out rule.

Hopefully i'll get a ton of canidates and when I get 100 followers I will raffle off 400 sd and some first season DKNY to celebrate.

Check back soon for lots of new cool features that are being worked on including four featured medolls of the week. There will soon be a new tab that will have recomendations for medolls of the week for different catogories. There will also soon be a suggestions box tab so you can tell me how I can improve this already good blog to your liking as this is a blog based on the readers needs. (:

Lots of love,

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  1. This blog is great! I've been looking for something like this for long.