Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peace and Support

Hello, my name is Reece (Mizzmileycyrus9) I am the new writer here on The Stardoll Peace Project and that is all you need to know.

The post is about not being afraid to speak the truth and to tell people your past experiences so they can support you, if you are being bullied in school I will give you advice about how to stand up to them and all and I am also going to be starting a segment here where you will send your stories in about your bullying experiences, sexual abuse and any other kind of abuse I am here to help I am totally against bullying and all other kind of abuse especially child abuse and rape, I have bullied in the past to some members on stardoll but I was just following the crowd then I realised it was very wrong

Send your stories in to my account on stardoll and you can get your suite/medoll featured on this blog, you can do it anonymously or privately (Which means I will only know your name)

Keep Loving and be peaceful.
 ~ Reece

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