Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peace out.

I am a enthusiastic writer and it shows. I have a passion for the arts. Anything to do with drawing, writing, music and drama, I'm there and all over it. Although, today the weather is totally grey and rainy which often effects my mood.

You may be thinking, where's the introduction? Who even are you? Well I have never been good at introducing myself, not on blogs anyways.

Who am I?
I am a believer of peace and love. I don't believe that any good can come out of wars, gossipers and arguments.

I don't feel it necessary to give you the ins and outs of my life. If I did it would simply perceive my as a strange character. In many ways, I become a different person on Stardoll and whilst blogging. I am more loved on Stardoll between my friends than in real life as far as I can tell. I use Stardoll to get away from personal fears of real life and I find myself staring at useless pixels for hours upon hours literally, getting busy doing nothing.

A blog like this has been needed for a while and I'm glad Audrey started it all up as a victim of bullying herself, I believe she understands the whole concept of the idea.

Some may know me however, the majority will not. I do admit, my past experience as a blogger has not been widely known. I used to work for Belle-Stardoll, Stardoll Vlogs and occasionally, I write on Underneath Stardoll's The Voice. At this moment I write for two blogs, this one and Outrage Productions. I mostly write about fashion or I give out advice to people which is extremely different to talking peace.

Nevertheless, I thought this blog is a blog I have been waiting for. A place that if I missed the chance to join, I wouldn't get my say and even if I did, it wouldn't be heard.

I am (sometimes) a strongly opinionated person and I let it come through. In real life, I am a loud person and I do say things that might intercept with others but that's just me.

Atleast this time I will be seen and heard. Stardoll needs peace and we will get it. No doubts.

Are you a believer of peace?
What do you think Stardoll needs?

Peace out.

- Megan

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