Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Features.. Tell me your opinion win 50 sd

Obviously everyone on this blog has been introducing themselves, posting about what they wish peace for and peaceful topics.. I like the idea of that but I feel as if this blog needs to expand to REALLY include the members of stardoll... So i'm adding new features. Read below to see how you can win 50 sd

The new features that will be added are:
-A weekly advice column
-Branching out the medolls of the week even more. Every medoll of the week will win 25 sd.
-A weekly design that will be featured on the homepage for members to buy, it must have something to do with this blog. Winning design each week will win 25 sd+profit of selling their design.
-Assigned topics to writers (I will let them pick.)
-An independent modeling company run by this blog that will be sent to launch.
-A graphics competition every other week which will hopefully get the less noticed
-A highlight on a stardoll member choosen by you all also to be featured on the homepage.
-Various blog competitions

Now that i've made it apparent as to what I'm adding to the blog I want your opinions, what do you guys want? What do you want to see as a topic that will be constantly posted? What features do you think should be added? Tell me in the comments section and the response that blows me away will win 50 sd.

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