Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Words Can Go A Long Way

I have to admit, I can be sensitive at times.
When it's somebody I know and is important to me, I'm even more sensitive.
Me being me, a female, we have those emotions. Sometimes I'm extremely confident, next thing I know all I can think about are those little words.

The way I perceive bullying as is anything that is intentional to hurt others.
You may not realize that this it is qualified as bullying, but it may be.

I can be very self conscious, I mean very.
If I present something, and somebody else does something better, I have to admit that I do feel down on myself. I have these moments where I am extremely upset, don't want to talk to anybody or about anything and I feel just embarrassed. 

I try my hardest to impress, I have to admit doing this is not exactly the best thing to do, but without a thought I just happen to do it. I have to be that perfect girl.

I do have a lot to write about because basically I'm explaining to you what happened to me. One thing about me, I do NOT like [bad] attitude. Do not give me attitude, I will not stand for it. I will literally just walk out of the place if you do. 
I hate it. The tone of your voice can ruin somebodies day. 

I live in an area which is not diverse and I hate it. People are constantly mocking each other and competing to see who's the richest or whatever. I later then started attending school in a more diverse city, my state's capitol. I fell in love with the different culture and diversity immediately.

My self confidence was very low attending my town's school, but I just felt it rising as I entered my new school. I was bullied for racial reasons, one of the most stupidest reasons of all. 

I always look back on those terrible moments whenever somebody says something that hurts my feelings. When people who are close to me say "shut up" in a serious way it can hurt. I mean I'm not a sensitive whiny person or whatever, trust me I'm stronger than most people. It makes me wonder who they really are to me and if they're my friends.

I apologize for the quick post today, but for the conclusion of my post, I want to know, what little words have hurt you?

Think about it now, have you unintentionally said those little words that may have hurt anybody?

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