Friday, September 9, 2011

A different Kind of Peace.

Hello Peaceful People,
Mannyperry here. 
Sorry I could not post for a while.

There were BLACKOUTS where i lived.

Yes, you might have heard of it, its started in Yuma, Arizona and spread all the way to San Diego and Mexico.

Now, i would have expected, Screaming, Whining, and the worst: Begging for Technology

ew. ;)

But when my family stepped out to escape the heat of my house, we were greeted with this:
Now, this is San Diego Downtown...We dont live here, but the thing that greeted us was that Moon.
Everyone was outside, chatting, biking, and there were even these little kids who were giving out popsicles so that they wouldn't melt.

Yesterday night was a day of peace. A different Kind of Peace. 
Usually, we hardly recognize this kind of peace, but I guess you only see whats Golden in harder circumstances.

Everyone got along yesterday. If only we could bring that sort of peace everywhere.


I want to talk about 9/11.

A very Hard and Sad topic to write and read about.

To be honest. That day was well...Heck.\
I have a worse word...but i prefer not to say it.

To all our 9/11 angels.
We miss you, even if we haven't met or seen you.
In our hearts you're there,
we wont forget your bravery and your Sacrifice.
We hope you're well, wherever you are. :)

The 9/11 Memorial. One of the top ten places i want to go.

Have a great weekend :]

and remember, I always come in

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