Sunday, September 4, 2011

Official writers & guest writers!

This was probably the hardest decision i've had to make in ages but finally I have picked the writers. I want everyone to know that I read applications, read blog posts and asked for maybe the opinion of ten other people before making my decision.. to be completely honest I read applications a good seven times and read blog posts even more than that. The official writers for this blog are: Kaami1990, mannyperry, TwilightRosez, iswim19, ariannacarle, kellyhi (she applied through dollmail), momijigal911 and sarabear123. Congrats to all of you!

I want to say that this was a tough decision so for all of you that didn't make it don't fret! I have decided I'm going to call everyone that applied in as a guest writer from time to time because I think everyone deserves a chance.

Do you guys think I made the right decisions?


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