Friday, September 9, 2011

A Child Called "It" - What Have We Come To?

Everyday you wonder, what has this world come to? May this saying be overused, but it's definitely underrated, if that makes sense. 

Scary things happen in life and we learn to deal with it. I've seen things that I didn't want to see. I've heard stories I didn't want to hear. No, I'm not afraid of monsters and that stuff, honestly my biggest fear is people.

 I was reading through some stories for a project, in particular the Greek creation myth of us humans. I saw how the "gods" were deciding whether or not to give us the gift of fire, and one said that with fire, us humans will devour our own race ourselves. Sounds crazy, but oddly true. I pondered on the thought of that and it finally made sense. This is more metaphoric to me, but the more power we have, the more fear should come along. Strange enough, I wrote a paper on that topic earlier. Honestly, the truth is that our race is dying. Not slowly, not fast, but before our eyes. We can't see it happening but we know it is, it's meant to be deceiving. 

Us humans obviously are not in unison, but the gut-wrenching fact of what's happening nowadays is just sick.

Have you ever thought of this... How can you abuse your own "child"? Better yet, how can you live with it? Child abuse is disgusting. Most murders are either child or woman related. Living in this world is traumatized as it is. I could never imagine my own mother beating me to almost....death.

Does this sound familiar? A lot of you probably heard about the book, A Child Called It. It's made it's way all over the world, in over 40 different languages. I remember getting the book from the library, and as I walked out I must've gotten about 5 people come up to me and say "That is the saddest book in the world." Honestly, I'm not a big reader. I read very few books and the only reason I checked the book out is because my friend did and I had to leave soon.

My summary of what happened?
Dave Pelzer, the author himself, explains how he was tragically abused. No I do not mean a simple slap, that is not abuse, I mean near death. His mother who was an unstable alcoholic psychologically and physically scarred him. I remember in the book it explained how she pulled his ear, hit him if he moved a muscle, and abandoned him to the cold basement with very little food. Things got worse, he was forced to drink cleaning chemicals, force to eat dog poop, and it even got to the point where is mother told him to lay on the light stove so she can watch him burn. She even stabbed him claiming it was an accident. Really? How can you ACCIDENTALLY stab your son? When he finally was taken away and got examined by a doctor, he lost all sense of feelings in his hands.

Even though she was unstable, before she had passed, David as a grown man interviewed her and she remembered it all. 

To vividly remember every one of these details is heartbreaking.

I don't want to reveal this all, but you can watch his interview HERE.

I encourage you to read this if you haven't already. Please post your reviews in the comments.
But really, what HAS this world come to?

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