Monday, September 5, 2011

I come in Peace...[Literally.]

Hello y'all!

No, I'm not from Georgia or anything. I just thought that would catch your attention. :]
I'm SO VERY HAPPY to be part of The Stardoll Peace Project.
It is Such an honor.

To tell the truth, when i got the GB message that i was to become a writer, i pretty much did a happy dance.

Okay, enough about that. Lets start my Intro Post! :D

My Username is: Mannyperry And this is my medoll:

i've been on stardoll since December, and i have to say, 
It's my relaxation site.
Like no joke, I come back from a busy day of tenth grade, finish my homework, and Go on this site.

Okay, now lets get serious.
I'm a serious believer that someone can gain Fame without paying a penny on a virtual website. Yes, I know Superstars and Royalty get voted a lot more than superstars, and its because they paid. But I, on the other hand could easily pay. But i prefer not to. I want to represent the group of Non Superstars who trully Cannot pay. But even though they lack this obvious thing, They still TRY to do their best.

I love exploring stardoll and discovering creative Non Superstars and Superstars everywhere.
I brought up something on 'The Stardoll Voice' you might have seen before:

Yes, The MSW worthy. 
I want to bring it to The Stardoll Peace Project as well.

Would YOU like to be presented?

Anyway, I bet you i will have an awesome time posting for you guys.

and remember,
I always come in peace :]

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