Thursday, September 8, 2011


My name is Sara (sarabear123) and I am one of the many new writers for this new (and quite frankly fan-friggin-tastic) new blog. I have read over all of their post and I am honored to know I was chosen to write among such great and talented writers.

I am not going to really say much about myself like how I look or the basic facts I always say to describe myself as a person. You can click on the link I gave about (just click on my username) and you will be transferred to my little corner on Stardoll where you can learn all of that and more about me. Or you can visit Big Brother Stardoll, the blog I am currently writing for as the New Features presenter. I am also working on a fashion line with one of my closest of friends, it is called The Aura Assemblage. But you see, the thing is, on those two blogs, I am not able to express my thoughts, my ideas, my innermost feelings of what happens. That all changes now.

You see, I have always loved to write. I have won ribbons and been acknowledged for some of what I have written. But the only reason I was able to receive those honors was because I was able to pour my heart and soul into them. That is what I hope to do with each post here. I want to be able to share with you, the reader, my idea on how peace can be attained, or how I think respect is one of the keys to every coming close to peace, or maybe tell you all my thoughts and feelings on the inequality we see all around us, Stardoll and in real life. That is after all what this blog is meant for, to shine some light on the rejected artists, the writer's denied well deserved fame, the future fashion icons shoved into the dark little corner of Stardoll because they just don't have the money to spend to get their name out there.

Yes, sadly, that is what many of the problems we face all around us is mainly centered on: 


Wouldn't the world be a greatly different place if money was not viewed so highly or just not even here. Greed, social ranking, and so much more would be completely non-existent if money was not in the picture. I can tell you one thing, peace would be much more attainable. 

Sadly, there is nothing we change greatly change. We can't just totally deny the use of money. There really is nothing wrong with it. It's when a person treasures it beyond all else that the problem forms. So all I can hope, is that someday enough people are going to realize that the little green pieces of paper don't mean as much as they think they do and move on with their lives. So, as I share with you my thoughts on this issue, I run out of what to say and thus bring this post to a close. I have enjoyed writing it and look forward to hopefully many more I can write in the future. So I bid you all a short farewell until next time. If anyone has anything that they would like me to post about, please either comment below or send me a private email. I will happily post about it. So until next time.


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