Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anti Bullying Petition.

I checked some gossip blogs today and i'm absolutely disgusted with what I see... If a gossip blog is meant to be a gossip blog it should not become a virtual hell for someone whether they deserve it or not, it's cruel. Everyone hates when they get their feelings hurt by someone online so why should we do it if we see what effect it has on us as people? It's not ok. Please do not misunderstand me here, I enjoy reading gossip as much as the next person but people have been taking it too far lately so this all has inspired me to start an Anti Bullying Petition. What is my goal? 100 signatures, I think I can make it there. Once I get 100 signatures I will send this post to every stardoll gossip blog out there saying we won't stand for this any longer. If you're going to post gossip you should not attempt to tear down a person in the process.

We need to stand up for this issues because eventually someone will push it too far and something tragic will happen. What if it was someone you love and care for that was getting bullied? What if it were you? Enough is enough. I'm not saying ban gossip blogs, i'm saying have a little more class and heart.

Sign in the comments section if you agree, there will be an actual virtual petition up later when the site starts working.