Friday, September 16, 2011


Yesterday I was at the grocery store with my sister. As she went to go pay for our items, I went to go return two movies we rented. As I was walking I saw a man. He at first was a little intimidating from the way he was acting but then he looked at me and smiled. He was probably the only person at that store to make eye contact with me and give me an earnest smile. I couldn't help but return it. That got me thinking, how many times in the day do we make eye contact with a person on the street and smile? Not very common. Usually, people keeps their heads down or they only look forward. Sad, but true.

I love to smile. I also love when a person will look at me and smile. I don't know if it is just me but whenever someone smiles at me, it makes me feel good. I am happy and touched by the fact that someone will show me a bit of kindness and smile at me. I know, it sounds so simple and maybe ever stupid to some of you, but it is something that matters to me.

On that note, I want to start a challenge. I want everyone reading this to think "Could I smile at at least one person I see on the street?" My challenge is, I want you to smile to at least on person you see on the street. You never know what a smile will do for a person. It could brighten up their entire day, to see someone they don't know make the effort to smile at them. Will you take my challenge?


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